О фестивале


One of the most notable events in the Tomsk region life is the International Contest Festival “Ax Day” which over the past 12 years of its existence has become one of the most famous, large-scale , anticipated and favorite events in our history, and the proof is its good attendance. More than 150 000 people from across the world visited the Festival within four days. “Ax Day” can truly be considered as one of the Tomsk region brands and flagship event of the year dedicated to the revival of Siberian wooden architecture. The festival aims to revive Siberian carpentry and joinery, to engage into preservation and restoration of the historical look of Tomsk and Tomsk region villages, and, finally, to plant love for the small motherland and ancient traditions through cultural events.

This year, the “Ax Day” Fest will take place on August 17-22 and it will be the NINTH one!

The venue of the International Fest is the first village park beyond the Urals – “Okolitsa” which is located in the village of Zorkaltsevo, 17 km away from Tomsk. The park territory is about 16 ha and it’s basically an open-air museum where you can find unique craftsman works made by the participants of the previous “Ax Day” Fests. Here you can find a friendly tiger and a legendary dragon, a dashing Cossack and a handy blacksmith, a beauteous maiden and a bluebird, a sailing ship, a military truck and a host of other things.

Besides, “Okolitsa” embraces traditions of various nations living in Tomsk region – each one having their own area. During big holidays ethnical communities organize their own entertainment programs and serve their specialties. All year round “Okolitsa” hosts a variety of events and the park has already become the favorite recreation area of Tomsk citizens, region residents and visitors.

ALL interested are welcome to the “Ax Day” Fest!

Best regards, Fest Organizing Committee